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This week's phonemes are: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g

Shuffle your phoneme cards - how many can you correctly call out in 1 minute?

Click HERE for Phonics Play Phase 2 Games

Click HERE to pick a Phonics Play Comic to read

Alphablocks: CLICK HERE for this week's episodes: Series 2 Ep1-5 (Watch 1 episode each day)

Use your phoneme cards to make the words you saw in the programme.

Write your words as a list

CHALLENGE: Use your words in a spoken sentence & try to write the sentence you just said.


Share your story book with an adult at home.

Talk about the pictures in your school reading book.

Look at your school reading book: how many of this week's phonemes (see 'Phonics' above) can you find and sound out?

Look at your school reading book: try segmenting and blending words made from phonemes you know.

Practise writing your name. Try writing the names of other people in your family.

Click HERE for Collingwood’s Story Webpage

Click HERE for Cbeebies Bedtime Stories


This week's numbers are: 4 & 5

Where can you find this week's numbers around your home?

Use your toys to make this week's numbers. How can you arrange them to count them easily? Put them into groups that match this week's numbers. Split each group into different parts? How many different sized parts can you make? How would a mathematician talk/write about your groups?

Numberblocks: Click HERE for this week's episodes: Series 1, Ep 6-10

Fast Maths: CLICK HERE to practise numbers 0-20. How long does this take?

CHALLENGE: Write all the numbers that are 1 more & 1 less than each number written on the FAST MATHS sheet.


Create some new furniture for the 3 bears using any resources you like. (Eg. Lego, wooden blocks, pens, pencils, paints, sticks, leaves, etc.) Remember you'll need to make a BIG one, a Medium sized one and a baby one.

Play a board game (eg. snacks and ladders).

Play a game outside.

Build a junk model.

Create a picture (pick your materials: pens. pencils, paints, paper collage, stamps, nature: flowers, twigs, leaves, etc.)

Look for triangle shapes around your house. How many can you find?

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(More challenges await...)